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'Finger Post & Hooped Top Signs'.
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Finger Posts & Hooped Top

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Schools Finger Post and Hooped Top Signs

Finger Post sign systems from Elementary Signs Ltd are a traditional but sophisticated form of directional signage.

Manufactured using either 3mm solid aluminium or 16mm extruded aluminium "Fingers", mounted onto extruded aluminium posts, with a flat or a Ball Finial capping and painted all round to any standard Ral or B.S. colour, these signs really are built to last.

Your text or message is applied to both faces of each 'Finger' and they are available in combinations with 1 - 7 'Fingers' to each post. The fingers are fully adjustable and are locked into position by hidden hex grub screws. Fingers can be re-adjusted or changed if necessary.

We are happy to add 'Anti Vandal' film to help protect your new signs and to help keep them looking good for years to come. We supply these signs complete and ready to be easily installed by on-site staff or we would be pleased to arrange for a team of our installers to carry out the work for you.

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