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Clubs Engraved Plaques and Signs
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Clubs Engraved Plaques and Signs

Engraved Plaques and Signs

Commemorative plaques have traditionally been made in polished solid brass and usually with a hardwood back board. Text is engraved then filled black or to a colour. These last for years and need little maintenance. Over the years a brass plaque ages and develops a patina that changes the appearance.

Plaques can be traditionally engraved or printed. Engraved plaques are able to support simple logos and have the text first engraved and then filled with black or a colour, whereas printed logos or crests can be more detailed and we can colour match to your style or design.

Some buildings plaques and special event or commemorative plaques are printed and include logos and text. These can be used both inside and outdoors.

They are all available in polished brass, brushed or mirror stainless steel, aluminium or acrylic, with or without a backboard and in a range of sizes.

Cast aluminium plaques often appear as a building name sign or building information sign. They work particularly well with older or character buildings. We offer a 'Blue Plaque' version and a bespoke service for this product.

Call us now on 01483 457445 to find out more or to get a free quote.

Call us now on 01483 457445 to find out more or to get a free quote and visual