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'Plaques & Honours Boards for Schools'.
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Plaques & Honours Boards

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Honours Boards and Plaques

We were asked to suggest a way to provide Buildings Name Signs for a very famous and prestigious school, to show the individual buildings names on a large campus. The oldest of the buildings were centuries old and listed, some were more recent, others were modern.


Our brief was to maintain the integrety of the campus and to give consideration to the location and the image of the school.


The idea our designers came up with was simple - use the 'Blue Plaque' format that is seen in towns and cities across the country, on a complete mix of styles, sizes and ages of buildings.  Using just the school logo, the building name and a brief historical description, the effect was outstanding...........The results speak for themselves !


There are times when serious thought is needed, such as for prestigious locations, for commemorative plaques, on signs for listed or character buildings, or especially when recognising the achievements of past and present staff or pupils.

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